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Recent Work

Client: Kerry Magnus, Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk Practitioner


Project Summary: We’ve been working with Kerry for about two years now, and this is the second version of her website. During this time, her business has evolved from being a traditional solo practice to including online coaching and distance BodyTalk healing (individual and group sessions).

By conducting surveys, she’s gained valuable insight into her clients challenges, and so she has narrowed her focus down to helping people recover from Andrenal Fatigue. Kerry also offers downloadable guided meditations and self-hypnosis recordings in her online shop. In 2019 we created and launched Kerry’s first product launch funnels, with which we’ve had great results, and I know that in 2020 we will build on that success! Kerry’s learned a lot, and we see her business growing significantly over the next year!

Main Components: WordPress · WooCommerce · Gravity Forms · ActiveMember360 · ActiveCampaign · ScheduleOnce · Google Analytics · Google Tag Manager

Client: Dr Nicola Buchan, Integrative and Functional Medical Doctor


Project Summary: We started working with Nicola in September 2019. We’ve started her out with a very basic website with which she has very successfully built an email list of 300+ contacts, and she has started to send out newsletters. She now also has a platform from where she’s promoting her talks and workshops.

We’ve also helped Nicola conduct her first deep-dive survey, from which she has gathered immensely valuable insight into her patients biggest problems and pain points. Our next step is to create an online store, from where she can efficiently sell and ship supplements and other health products. We’re very excited for what the next year will bring!

Main Components: WordPress · Events Calendar Pro · Gravity Forms · ActiveCampaign · Google Analytics · Google Tag Manager


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