Life wasn't designed to be lived with half a heart.

Your website shouldn't be either...


I Create, Sustain & Support WordPress Audience Platforms for Change Agents & Other Nice People

WordPress Websites for Agents of Change

WordPress Solutions for Agents of Change

I work with Visionary Leaders, Transformational Experts, Yoga Teachers, Mindfulness Coaches, Therapists & Healers, Holistic Educators and Other Wisdom Keepers.

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WordPress Websites for Nonprofit Organizations

WordPress Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

I work with NPO's who are passionate about a psychological revolution, mindfulness, social equality, education and the environment.

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Exceptional WordPress Websites With a Transformational Blend of Conversion Optimization & Marketing Automation

Custom Website Design

Establish trust, familiarity and loyalty.

Convey a sense of quality and value.

Earn more revenue with a stable asset.

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WordPress Development

Be certain of high quality results.

Smart lead gen and sales set-up.

Scalable for optimum business growth.

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Website Review & Audit

Improved organic search visibility.

Enhanced usability and functionality.

Increased conversion rates and revenue.

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Illana Dillon

"Brilliant! Thank you so much, Rich, for your impeccable work. I am super impressed with your ability and I am looking forward to using your services moving forward. What you've done for my website is nothing short of amazing!"

Illana Dillon, Knysna, South Africa

Emily Lynn Fisher

"Rich is amazing to deal with and the process of creating my new website was flawless and enjoyable. I highly recommend working with him - he is calm, patient and has wonderful insights and ideas. He is timely and prompt in his approach and loves to give his all."

Emily Lynn Fisher, Nova Scotia, Canada


Catalyze a Movement, Offer Your Vision and Lead the Way to the New World

WordPress Websites That Nurture Change

You know that big-hearted visionaries like you and I have more opportunity than ever before, to change our world for the better and to get paid doing it.

And what you need is a system that empowers you - a framework for effectively attracting and enrolling your perfect fit clients.

A system that will allow you to produce maximum results with the least amount of money, time and effort.

So that you can put the marketing challenge behind you once and for all - know exactly what to prioritize, and turn your focus to what you truly love - to serving your clients at higher and higher levels, and to effectively bring on positive change.

Diana Young

"Having an honest, skilled, competent and kind person full of integrity like you is VERY VERY VERY valuable."

Diana Young, Atlanta, Georgia


Giving You the Tools You Need to Succeed...

I offer WordPress development and support services for a growing list of select partners.

These are individuals, small-businesses and organizations - humanitarians who are passionate about a psychological revolution, mindfulness, social equality, education and the environment, and who are determined to be action takers and growth leaders in a world that desperately needs change.

I work with both for-profit and nonprofit partners, but also believe that one hand feeds the other, so recirculating profits to aid the bigger cause is noble and something I encourage.

I strive to influence and to effect positive change, and in that sense Wingflap Media is all about collective success.